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International Symposium PMI 2020

Inflammation Medicine - From Bench to Bedside

February 17/18, 2020 in Hamburg

The new PMI website is still being developed, so we are getting started with a provisional one.


The Cluster of Excellence PMI has been funded through the German Excellence Strategy since 2019 as one of 57 collaborative networks. More than 300 members are involved, in the following host institutes:


The Cluster of Excellence’s organisation and management structure are built upon maximum efficiency with short distances and coordination processes. The members elect the Steering Committee, the Cluster’s decision-making committee. The Steering Committee is supported by the Scientific Advisory Board. The Steering Committee also elects the Executive Group.

Members’ meeting

The PMI members are clinicians as well as scientists from various departments from fundamental research and the hospital.

A list of the full members with their research institutes (pdf)

A list of the associated members with their research institutes (postdocs as pdf, doctoral researchers as pdf)

Lists of the research institutes with their allocated members (RTF as pdf, TI as pdf, CD as pdf)

List of Clinician Scientists (pdf)

Executive Group

The Steering Committee elects the three members of the Executive Group. These are Cluster spokesperson Professor Stefan Schreiber (CAU), and Professor Gabriela Riemekasten (UzL) and Professor Stefan Niemann (FZB) with equal representation. They are responsible for the timely implementation of decisions made by the Steering Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the Cluster’s decision-making committee and is elected by the members. It consists of the Executive Group as well as the leading scientists from all the Cluster’s locations.

List of the Steering Committee members (pdf)

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is an independent committee which plays an important role in the Cluster. It advises the Steering Committee in terms of new scientific developments and research approaches and is also a significant, independent decision maker when awarding project funds and investment funds. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of eight internationally renowned researchers.

List of the Scientific Advisory Board (pdf)